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Roy's News

  • Hi, my name is Roy

    You may know me by my racing name Ten After Four.

    The good news is I had my first box trial this week. Went well and it is quite exciting because I’ll be back at the races soon.

    There was a big commotion at the kennels this week. Took me by surprise, it was about two degrees and I’m just sitting watching the sun slowly creep up and start warming the place.

    Next thing there people everywhere.

    One by one we were all taken out, identified and checked over.  All our kennels checked and notes scribbled down. Cameras flicking everywhere.

    Quite frightening for me as I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

    After a few hours they all finally left. We all slowly settled back down

    They say it was a routine RIB Kennel check, but to me it looks more serious, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that one of those ‘Portlands’ was a ‘501’.I’ll see if I can find out more.

    10 after 4 Bet I’m not sure which one

    I’m named after a betting strategy number 10 in the first race after 4. This is our last week that Mum and I are monitoring the strategy

    Last week Invincible Lad got dispatched from the field.  Not surprising as he drifted out to 120 to 1 chance.

    This weeks’ bet is the 4.03pm at Eagle Farm R3 Kappy Cino

    Gotta go: Kev’s (Know Keeper) is racing at Palmerston North on Friday (R3 1.05pm)   Surely the bookies will open their markets earlier for Kev.

    Catcha Roy