Thrilling Audrey (Audrey) & Kanga Hewie
Thrilling Audrey (Audrey) & Kanga Hewie

Open Day & Track Walk  –  Saturday 7th May 

Open Day – 7 May 22

OPEN DAY   –   2022

“Have you ever wondered what your Hound used to do as a day job. Come along to the Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Open Day on Saturday 7th May and find out”.

These were the words written by Sue, from the Mayhounds Greyhound Rehoming Group, when spreading the word of our event on their Facebook Page.

There is no better description of what these days are all about.

For the hounds it was the excitement of returning to familiar surroundings, catching up again with their mates. For their owners it was a rare chance to engage with participants and gain an understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the training and care of a racing greyhound.

A huge vote of thanks goes to the family training team of Geoff, Glennis and Rhian Farrell, so willingly giving up their time to talk on what happens on a typical race day. Beginning from their preparations at home, the excitement of their hounds prior to leaving for the track, their tasks on arrival, the kennelling and pre-race vetting protocols and finally the after- race care of their chasers when they return to their trailer.

As a club, an appreciation to; Cornelia, Selwyn and Mike, who again guided groups during the day. Thanks to John, our president for his introductory talk and last but not least, to Robert, Deyne, Darg and Dannelle, for all the work behind the scenes setting up for another highly successful day.

This was our third Open Day, our first was November 2019, following the lead of Jenny Bartlett and the Waikato Club. Jenny continues to be the Lamplighter, leading the way to building a greater greyhound community encompassing both racing and retirement.

The Waikato Club are holding their Open Day this

Sunday 16th May, at the Cambridge Raceway, commencing at 10.00am

Message from Callum

Thank you all for coming to the Open Day. We really enjoyed ourselves filming and seeing the awesome greyhound community in Auckland. The finished video will be online in a few months time.
If you would love to tell us you don’t wish to be obviously identified in the film.
Please message by the 15th Of May

Fiona Scott-Milligan

“Awesome open day this morning – thank you to everyone who hosted from me, Audrey (Thrilling Audrey) and Kanga Hewie  – we all had an amazing informative time!”

David Byrn

“On a personal note, it was great to catch up with La Cigale’s litter brother, Belcroft Banker at the Open Day. Amongst his race day achievements is our CO 318m Grade Record of 18.26secs. set back in 2015. His breeder/trainers the late Leo and Henny Laagland, were great friends of mine”