Greyhounds as Pets


Life After Racing

Greyhounds are a special breed, so focused when the action is happening and so laid back when away from it. Like ourselves, when we retire from a working environment there is a significant change of life style and daily routine.

GRNZ has proudly established, ‘The Great Mates’ programme. Four industry funded four kennel facilities, throughout the country, staffed by experienced, dedicated people who are the first stage of the transition from the track to the couch.

Great Mates, provide a full assessment, training, grooming, vet care and de-sexing when preparing a greyhound for their retirement.

More information can be found on their website;

Great Mates Rehoming Programme (

When the Great Mates staff believe the dog is ready the next stage in the rehoming process is for the retiree passing through to an Adoption Agency. The agency it will be either move directly into a home our spend time with a foster home with people experienced with retired greyhounds. There are many reports of ‘Foster Fails’, the cases when one of these hounds enters the heart of the foster and never leaves.

There are four adoption agencies;

 Greyhounds As Pets, Mayhounds, Nightrave and Kiwikiwi Hounds.

These agencies also play an important role in the transition to a successful rehoming and retirement. Information and contact details can be found on the Great Mates website.

Group Activities and Open Days

One of the joys of adopting a greyhound is the social activities organized by the various retirement groups. The organized walks in parks give owners of retirees an opportunity to meet other owners and enjoy the company of likeminded people. The hounds too enjoy the walks as they love and are confident when amongst their own breed. From these monthly walks many small local groups emerge, meeting either on a weekly or impromptu basis for a walk or a free run in a dog park or at quiet beach.

There are also many social media group pages, where owners share their experiences and of course gallery of photographs and videos, shared highlighting the personalities for their hounds.

Both Auckland and Waikato racing clubs hold Open Days. A day for the hounds to enjoy a walk around the track and an opportunity for retiree owners to talk to club officials and greyhound trainers, discovering the many facets of the care and control of a greyhound’s race day.

The greyhound is an intelligent, loyal and gentle companion. In many situations


Greyhounds As Pets
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