Betting Tips

Greyhound Racing Bookmaker Odds

Online bookmakers provide the best odds on greyhound racing whether its through tote betting or fixed odds markets.

Greyhound Racing Fixtures

There are multiple greyhound racing meeting locations throughout New Zealand

Greyhound Racing Betting Options

Below is a glossary of the major betting types and exactly what they mean:
Win – If your dog finishes across the line in front you get your cash
Place – If your greyhound finishes first, second or third you’ll get a return on your bet
Exacta – Pick two dogs in one race, if they finish first and second in the order you selected your bet is a winner
Quinella – Same as an exacta bet but the order doesn’t matter 
Trifecta – Picking three dogs in a race to finish in the place positions. You can elect to “box” your trifecta for a diminished return which means they can finish in any order, or you can select the exact finishing positions
First Four – Same as a trifecta except you select the first four runners and their positions. Like a trifecta bet you can elect to box it
Quaddrella – Commonly known as a “quaddie” a quaddrella bet is selecting one or more runners to win across the last four races of a card. The more dogs you select per race, the less your return will be